Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Its all about Marina bay sands(brief description only)

We set foot on Boat Quay, and in the distance was a giant structure resembling a ship, and hoisted by 3 building, one which is blocked by the trees. Its a building which most of the natives are chattering about, because it was one of the two casinos permitted by the singapore government and its called the Marina Bay Sands. What used to be a illegal thing now became legal, with people losing more than ten-thousands in there, singapore should expect a economical surge... But it is not just a casino, it is a package that comes with a hotel, restaurants, a mall and all that a foreign gambler could dream of. So...What are we waiting for? Get ready your money and lets...Oh wait, before we leave, I have to remind all Singaporeans including Permanent Residents are supposed to bring an extra S$100 with you cos they charge entrance fees(actually, its more of a entry levy). Foreigners, bring your passport along and lets gamble to your hearts content(careful of addiction though)!

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