Wednesday, 23 March 2011

South East Asia - Vietnamese Woodblock Printing (ACM)


1. To depict images of life of peasants, new year festivities, folk deities, legendary heroes and contemporary matter related to war years and government propaganda that represent good luck.

2. Used as display, gifts and products. Villagers grew, engraved on wood and painted pictures on paper.

3. Used by fortune tellers to identify ailments; Chinese characters fill the outline of a human figure.

Modern Day:

In the modern day, we now use canvases to paint on and depict scenes. The advantages of using canvases instead of woodblock is that:

  • Using canvases minimise the waste of resources. In woodblock painting, we make use of wood and paper, where as in a canvas just a single piece of cloth.
  • Paper tears easily and becomes yellowed after a period of time whereas canvases do not tear easily and is hardy.
  • Wooden Blocks are not waterproof while canvases are. Thus, the paint on canvas will dry faster.

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