Wednesday, 23 March 2011

South East Asia - Pottery (ACM)


1. Contain food when cooking

- The material it is made of makes a clay pot suitable for cooking as it can withstand high temperatures.

2. Store items which were to be transported from one place to another

- At that time, pottery was one of the main objects that were hard and could be moulded into a container to store objects.

3. Storage of wet and dry goods

- Pottery does not allow water to seep through it. Thus good to contain wet items so that they will not make the area wet and at the same time prevent dry goods from getting wet especially in the rain.

Modern Day:

In the Modern Day, we now use plastic, cardboard, styrofoam or bubble wrap instead of pottery. The advantages that these modern day materials have over pottery is that:

  • those materials do not break easily. Although pottery is hard, it can break easily upon a certain impact.
  • those materials can be used to hold a large number of items or large items as large as a 3-seater sofa. Pottery can never be made that big to store such a large item.
  • those materials are more flexible. Pottery is not flexible and cannot be used to store another bigger item when needed. Instead, the potter will have to make a new pot. When we have those materials, plastic can be recycled, styrofoam can be easily manipulated, cardboard boxes already come in many different sizes and bubble wrap is flexible hence can wrap a large item.

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